We at HighonSports are on a mission to generate quality content for all those people who need more than just the news. You need not be the new Shakespeare – we will help edit your stories to iron out any errors, but we are sure there won’t be much to do there. We are looking for sports fanatics like us who share the passion and feel an urge to write about it.

You may want to write about sports to help build your portfolio or could be using the platform to kick-off a career in sports journalism or for the purpose of boosting your résumé for university applications or for the sheer love of it. Whatever your reason might be, we welcome your contributions.

If writing isn’t your thing but sports are, you can contribute in many other ways. For instance, by producing thought provoking content through design and graphics or if you can’t resist staying away from the social media, you could help us with your skills to reach out larger audiences. If you feel you can contribute in any other way, we are always open to considering new ideas.

The HighonSports Code

  • Autonomous: Are you an opportunist, who can take initiative and get the job done. As well as a self-starter who loves the thrill of solving problems? Remember you are your own boss and High on Sports is as much yours as it is ours.
  • Exceptional: Is this the best you can write? Is it unique? You are the best judge of what you write or create, if you feel it is the best then it must be. But we hope you will be open to new ideas in attempt to make it even better.
  • Ardent and Proficient: Yes, we are sports fanatics and we are passionate about the game. But we are also accountable to our viewers who visit the site for quality content or in our language for their regular doze of sports. That requires us to put our personal biases aside and develop balanced and rational opinions.

Being professional is just as important as being passionate when you are part of team High on Sports dot net.

Who knows, you might just become the next most viewed sports writer on the web?

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